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Chinese plum blossom brush painting

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[27 Mar 2016 | Автор  ]
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The Actual Show Starts at 0:13:45Update-This ended up being an episode where Sycra and I answer questions about art and life. This is actually the first time we actually ever talked ever! It was a bit awkward, since it was live and unscripted for all to see, but i quickly discovered how wonderful of guy he is. Great insight and super fun to talk with.With the help of sycra handeling the waves of comments, i was able to talk about backgrounds and...
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http://idrawgirls.com/tutorials/2011/12/12/painting-chinese-woman-portrait/ for brushes download and step by step images.How to draw female face step by stephttp://idrawgirls.com/tutorials/2011/10/19/how-to-draw-female-face/http://idrawgirls.com/tutorials/2011/10/21/draw-realistic-face-front-view/How to draw portrait with pencil (+3 hours video tutorial with explantion) go to: http://idrawgirls.com/how-to-draw-portraits.htmlHow to paint portrait...
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あなたに感謝 heeey ! Thanks... for SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/tutodrawSUBSCRIBEHow to draw a chinese dragon in 1 minute ! vf . seSupport & News FB : http://www.facebook.com/TutoDrawWeb Site : http://www.tutodraw.comTools : charcoal + gum + paperCamera HD 720pp Tools graphic : The gimp + tablet wacom 5(Episode 1/?) Creation :Music & DrawingPlease like and share if you appreciate ! Thanks...
[27 Sep 2013 | Автор  ]
Смесь сексуальности и боевого искусства, заправленная по-детски невинными глазами…Сакура…Об этой девушке есть что рассказать. И наверняка во многих моментах ее жизни вы разбираетесь получше меня.Но я все-таки поведаю...
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Support The Universim on Kickstarter: http://KS.theuniversim.comMore Videos: http://www.CStation.net Submit Your Video: http://submit.CStation.net Artist: Ignas Zydelis http://www.youtube.com/EpicSketchDesignDONATE: http://www.donate.cstation.netLets make CS Better, donate today. All funds will be use to promote CreativeStation on YouTube.You Can Track Donations at http://www.donations.cstation.netJoin UsFacebook: http://facebook.cstation.netTwitter:...
[6 мая 2014 | Автор  ]
A sample of the 4th painting from my latest spray painting instructional DVD. Learn to make mountains with a foam brush and much much more!Visit spacepaintings.com and order your copy today and start making masterpieces in no time.
[18 Jun 2013 | Автор  ]
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