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Salvador Sobral "Amar Pelos Dois" sand art tribute by"Ukraine’s Got Talent" winner (ESC-2017 winner)

23 мая 2017 Просмотров - 22 Нет комментариев Опубликовал:

(по-русски ниже) This sand animation tribute was inspired by really beautiful song by Portugese singer Salvador Sobral, winner of Eurovision Song Contest-2017. The sand story was created by winner of «Ukraine’s Got Talent» Kseniya Simonova and is devoted to beauties of Portugal and particulary Lissabon, the native city of Sobral. In the end of the video artist creates the portrait of Salvador in sand. We hope you will smile. This version of the song «Amar Pelos Dois» is different from the one Salvador performed in Kiev, here he plays the piano himself. Kseniya Simonova confessed that she never heard anything so beautiful in ESC. She even didn’t hope he can win because the song wasn’t pop and now she is very happy he managed to win. Congratulations, Portugal!

Эта песочная анимация была вдохновлена песней победителя Евровидения-2017, представителя Португалии Сальвадора Собрал. Автор песочной истории — победитель шоу «В Украине есть таланты» Ксения Симонова. Видео посвящается Португалии, ее красотам, и, в частности, Лиссабону, где родился Сальвадор. Версия песни, использованная для создания видео, отличается от той, которую Сальвадор представил в Киеве, это более ранняя версия, где он сам играет на рояле и импровизирует в пении. Поздравляем Португалию! Приятного просмотра!

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Performance for Ukraine at Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf with Ukrainian singer Mika Newton. May 2011, Germany. Sand art live performance by Kseniya Simonova. Ukraine took 4th place in the final.
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"Japanese adventures " of Kseniya SimonovaKseniya performed in Japan for the third time , and again the performance of the Crimean artist had a social theme. As promised, she returned to Tokyo with the continuation of her sand- story "Life Always Wins, dedicated to the memory of the tragedy of March 11, 2011 . But if at her last visit Kseniya showed drama, shortbread recreate the terrible events of Fukushima , this time - as promised...
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