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Paint Shaded Leaves-Paint And Make It Happen- Short Clip

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Learn to paint visit my websites https://www.tvpainter.com and https://mthompsonstudio.com

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Visit https://www.tvpainter.com
[12 Jun 2019 | Автор  ]
Short painting clip - learn to paint visit https://www.tvpainter.com
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Learn to paint https://www.tvpainter.com
[8 Jun 2019 | Автор  ]
Learn to paint visit https://www.tvpainter.com
[8 Jun 2019 | Автор  ]
Visit my websites htttps://www.tvpainter.com and https://mthompsonstudio.com
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Hi my fellow artists! This is Peter Dranitsin and this is a short video tutorial on how to create beautiful golden leaves and and reflection for painting called "Deep Silence". I do have this entire video available on my website at http://abstractartlesson.com/category...Thank you so much for your likes and comments!__If you are interested in custom painting(s) please contact me at peter.dranitsin@gmail.comwww.abstractartlesson.com - more painting...
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Hey guys! I am excited to share another abstract tree painting with you. This painting is created with wood grain tool for a beautiful abstract art background, orange tree and blue leaves on large 36x36” canvas. I used round brush to create blue leaves on this magnificent tree. I hope you will enjoy watchingRound brush used in this painting - Round Chalk Paint and Wax Brush for FurnitureWood grain tool - Wood Graining Rubber Pattern Wall Paint Painting...
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Visit https://www.tvpainter.com for video art lessons, artist brushes, free eBooks, artist paint, etc.. thanks for watching :-)
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Visit https://www.tvpainter.com for video art lessons, artist brushes, free eBooks, artist paint, etc.. thanks for watching :-)
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Learn to oil paint - Visit https://www.tvpainter.com for more art lessons and painting supplies.Visit http://mthompsonstudio.com to purchase originals and giclee canvas prints.
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