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visit my new website for more videos: http://abstractartlesson.comalso visit my art gallery online at: http://petesoriginalart.comCreative and Simple Abstract Art Painting Video Lesson, Techniques, Tools, Step by Step Guide by Peter Dranitsin
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Simple and creative way to paint a black and white cityscape painting with acrylic paint on canvaswatch more videos: http://abstractartlesson.com
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Would you like to learn how to paint an abstract art painting, using new painting tools, techniques, and ideas? Visit my website at http://abstractartlesson.com and see if that could be you :)
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Learn how to paint eye catching abstract paintings: http://abstractartlesson.com
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http://abstractartlesson.com "Glass"In this video I will be demonstrating on how to draw glass on black background using charcoal and white conte. This is a value study where: the objective is to see relative values in light values; define object by defining the medium to light values only; and develop awareness of how the eye can complete the shapes. The materials that you would need for this lesson are: black paper 19x25", white...
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"In a Distance" is the name of this abstract art video lesson and the painting that I will be creating here today. In this video demonstration I will create an amazing and elegant landscape painting using few simple techniques, tools and colors. This art lesson will prove once again that infect the simpler your design the better the final result. Throughout this art lesson I will be using liquitex acrylic paint (yellow, orange, red, dark...
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In this abstract art lesson called "Count on You" I will create a mermaid that is pointing to a mysterious map. In this art tutorial you will observe me as I demonstrate and explain each step of the way in this fantasy painting creation process. Throughout this art video I will experiment with different colors, objects and elements shaping out this acrylic fantasy painting to the desired level. For more art video lessons please visit:...
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http://abstractartlesson.com - abstract art video tutorials by Peter Dranitsinhttp://petesoriginalart.com - Pete's Original Art Gallery
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This is the introduction video lesson for the painting called "Stare". In this painting I have created a black and white owl staring at the viewer with its huge innocent eyes. I will share with you how to begin painting this painting and what you need to know before you begin creating a similar acrylic painting. http://blackwhiteabstract.com/ - black white abstract painting video lessonshttp://abstractartlesson.com - abstract art video...
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